The Wheatie That Almost Got Away

Why it Pays to Pay Attention While Metal Detecting

I awoke this morning to the ever so lovely sounds of my neighbor’s teenage daughter verbally berating her mother over who should be the one to drive the family car ahead of their 6AM SATURDAY MORNING vacation departure!

Tried as I might, I simply could not go back to sleep with the sounds of 2 people screaming bloody murder at each other – the ensuing car horn was the icing on the cake.

After rattling off just about every profane word I could think of, I decided to grab my E-trac & venture off to one of the local school yards for some detecting!

After about an hour of detecting, all I had to show for myself was some clad coins & a nice wheatie with an unknown date – at least I thought I still had the wheatie!

Hurrying home to devour my regular Saturday morning scrambled eggs & turkey bacon, I couldn’t stop thinking about what year my wheatie was minted – yes I still get excited over wheat pennies.

Eggs & bacon in gut, I ripped open my Minelab treasure pouch to pull out my finds. But wait – where was my wheat penny? Who cares about these pathetic 1992 memorial pennies – where is the wheatie!? The only thing I had to show for my poor excuse for a hunt!

After tearing apart my pouch & carry bag, I could only come to one conclusion – it must have fallen out at the school while digging another target.

…Enter more profane words here…

Where could it have possibly slipped out of my pouch? Wait I know – when I first dug the penny at 8” I was getting a mixed signal on my E-trac so I decided to throw it off to the side & scan it over again to see how it registered on the surface.

But surely I picked it up! Or maybe I didn’t – hmm the battle in my mind over whether I picked it up or not was nothing short of epic.

…Back to the school yard…

I remembered the general area where I dug the penny – so I pulled my metal detector out of the trunk & began to do a quick sweep.

But I found nothing.

At this point I had given up – after all it was just a wheat penny! Back at the house I began to clean up my detector, lesche digger & pro pointer when I said to myself – “Self, why not check that pouch one more time…”

Low & behold – at the way bottom of the compartment that holds my pro pointer lay a beautiful – albeit crusty – 1944 San Francisco Mint wheat penny!!!

And here she is – in all her glory!


So there you have it. Lesson learned? Always, always always pay attention while metal detecting. You should also always keep your finds in one specific pocket of your pouch (preferably zippered if you have one).

While this example is a bit silly, this could very easily have happened with an 1880’s silver Morgan Dollar.

I blame all of this on my 6am wakeup call…