Teknetics Eurotek Pro Review: First Impressions

teknetics eurotek pro metal detectorJust used my Teknetics Eurotek Pro for the first time ever….about an hour or so on playground mulch…most coins were shallow and all I had to do was kick the mulch back and grab the coin.

  • 11 Quarters – 89-90 vdi
  • 4 dimes – 80 vdi
  • 2 nickels – don’t remember vdi since I went by sound, but was a lower tone
  • 30 pennies – 77 vdi

Coins hit solid and numbers were solid and didn’t jump around. I learned the numbers of the coins in a matter of minutes, and was able to call what the coin was before I dug them with fairly good accuracy! Too cool!

EurotekPro (Faceplate 3D)

The one screw I found, the machine told me it was iron, by flashing the word “iron” above the number read out. I was impressed by that.

It only took me a few minutes to set the machine up and start finding coins, even though I had never used a eurotek pro. It was similar to the Fisher F2, and in my opinion, and the tones were similar to the delta 4000.

The eurotek was much more stable on number readouts than the delta 4000.

I could only use a sensitivity of 6 where I was because of emi from overhead powerlines, but even at just 6 sensitivity the machine was finding quarters at 6 inches, and i bet it goes deeper with more sensitivity.

All in all, after just one hunt the Eurotek Pro impressed me. As I learn more, I’ll share more.

I got my machine from Marc at Hollands Brook. The shipping was extremely fast, and the machine came with the DD coil.

A great machine for the veteran detectorist or a new guy just starting out. If you’re in the market for a ET Pro, give Marc a call, you’ll be glad you did!

ETEKPRO11-SKD (Eurotek Pro detector with 11in DD coil - Front View) (1)