Teknetics Eurotek Pro Depth Test with DD Coil

Big thank you to Rob aka “Ozarks Detector” for providing us with a depth test on the new Eurotek Pro using a DD coil.

Video Transcript

I’m out here in my yard today. Dug me a hole here. As you can see the ground is pretty dry. I didn’t actually measure it. My blade of my shovel is seven inches so I dug down seven inches. Down here in the hole I’ve got a clad quarter in a baggie just so I can retrieve the targets faster; I’m going to throw it down here in the hole.

I’ve got my Eurotek Pro here. I’m going to fill the hole in real quick, cover up my target. It’s not going to be perfect but, I’ll cover up my target, put my plug back, just try to mimic how it would be.

I’ve got my Eurotek Pro here. I’ve got no discrimination, anything, I just turn it on. So let’s go here, turn the sensitivity up. I’m going to turn it up to ten. No disc, as you see, volume on seven. And we’re good to go.

I’ve got this clad quarter here, I think about seven inches. So let’s give it a swing.

As you can see on the screen, it’s easily hitting it. High 80s, low 90s. So it easily hits a clad quarter at seven inches. So I’m going to put another coin in there and I’ll be right back.

There’s a 1945 silver war nickel in there at seven inches—all of these are going to be at seven inches. After I took the quarter out I scanned the hole, made sure there was no iron or nothing else in there. We’re going to scan the hole here for the silver war nickel at seven inches.

So we’re getting a good solid hit on the silver war nickel at seven inches. No problem hitting the war nickel at seven inches.

Forty-two mercury at seven inches. We’re going to test it here with the Eurotek Pro.

There are some power lines and stuff right here where I’m at. As you see, max sensitivity, I’m this close to power lines, not any interference.

Next, I’m going to turn my body.  As you can see, the Eurotek Pro can hit a mercury dime at seven inches. 85, 89. I would definitely dig that target.

I will put another target in there and be right back.

1936, as you can see my lesche Samson shovel, seven inch blade. Throw it down there in the hole, lay it flat. Put the dirt back in there. Let’s see what the Eurotek Pro says about this. I’m pretty sure it’s going to hit that easily. So let’s see here.

I’m a tone hunter myself, I don’t really worry too much about numbers. This is a tone that I would definitely dig. So you’ve got a buffalo nickel at seven inches. I hope my glasses are picking this up here. All right, picked up the buffalo nickel at seven inches. That’s pretty good I think.

Let’s get another target in there and get back with you.

I’ve got a 1944 wheat penny at seven inches. I’ll swing over it with the Eurotek and see if we can hear it. Sure enough, it can pick up a wheat penny at seven inches. Really cleaned up when I turned my body 90 degrees. I have the coin lying flat but … here you go. Picks up a wheat penny at seven inches.

Be back with the next target.

I have a Canadian 1964 dime, silver dime, in here. I’m going to put it down here in the bottom of the hole, lay it flat, push it down as far as it can go, cover it back up with dirt, put the plug back. And we’ll see if the Eurotek Pro can pick up a Canadian dime at seven inches.

No problem. Turn my body, I had better luck this way last time. I would dig that tone. Seven inch Canadian dime.

Be back with the next target.

Seven inches in the hole, put it all back in there, trying to mimic the real world. Now this is dry soil so I fully expect to get more out of some wet soil. But this is just for a fun experiment, just to see how Eurotek responds.

We’ve got a clad nine at seven inches, let’s see what we get. It should clean up if I turn my body this way. It’s hitting on a clad dime at seven inches.

Be back with the next target.

Our coin tests. Here’s a clad nickel. 1961 nickel, put down here in the bottom just like the rest, flat, at the very bottom, pushing it down, make sure it’s flat. Let’s fill our hole back. Get as much of that dirt back in there as we can, trying to mimic. The plug, which I pretty much destroyed the plug but oh well, it’s my yard. Get as much dirt back in there as possible. And see if we can hit that.

It hit the clad nickel at seven inches.

Seven inch nickel. So that’s our clad test at seven inches with Teknetics Eurotek Pro, maximum sensitivity. I had it on for all these tests. It was on zero disc. And volume at seven, that’s irrelevant but … So back to zero disc. The clad nickel is easily hit at seven inches.

So the next time I do one I’ll do it a little bit deeper, but that’s your test with the Eurotek Pro. If you guys are in the market for a Eurotek Pro go check out Marc at dev.hollandsbrook.com, tell him Ozark sent you, he’ll hook you up.

All right, thanks for watching my video fellas. I appreciate you. Later, have a good day.