Fisher F2 Tips

How to Get More Depth

One way to get more depth with the Fisher F2 Metal Detector is to use the maximum amount of sensitivity while still keeping your detector stable. Then, try to keep your coil as close to the ground as possible when swinging.

You also want to keep your coil parallel to the ground without an arch at the end of your swing.  Any arch in your swing will cause a loss of depth of the detection area at the end of your swing.

sweeping over targets
The larger stock coil will get more depth than the smaller sniper coil, but both have their place in your detector arsenal.

The F2 has a depth bar on the right side of the screen consisting of three bars. According to the manual, each depth bar represents 2 inches of depth, although it is not uncommon to detect targets over 8 inches deep with the F2. Keeping your coil close to the ground will give you the most accurate reading of the targets depth.


Fisher F2 4″ Sniper Coil

Fisher F2 4It’s not really a secret to hardcore detectorists, but a small 4 inch Sniper Coil mounted on the F2 can separate targets better than the stock coil. The smaller sniper coil will allow you to detect in areas where there is a lot of trash targets, allowing you to isolate good targets amongst the unwanted targets.

In areas with a high concentrations of iron targets the sniper coil can separate good targets from the iron more easily since the larger coil is more susceptible to interference from surrounding targets based on it’s larger size.

The sniper coil may get slightly less depth, but the trade-off is worth it because you will find more good targets and dig less trash.

Sniper coils are best used near playground equipment, sidewalks with rebar, and for getting into tight spots.  If you are a woods hunter, a sniper coil can help you get your coil into areas that the larger 8 inch coil can’t fit.

When the brush is thick, a sniper coil will allow you to reach areas that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to!  Get a Sniper Coil, it will be your Secret Weapon!

How To Find Silver Coins and Rings With the Fisher F2 Metal Detector.

Assuming that you are in an area that has a good possibility of finding silver coins or rings, one thing that you can do to increase your silver coin count with the F2 is to discriminate, or eliminate all lower target notches except the dime and quarter notches.


This will eliminate pennies and nickels also, but you will be able to cover more area while digging less trash. With your machine set up to only detect dimes and quarters, the only targets that will give you a signal are high conductivity metals like silver and copper.

You may dig a few copper pennies along the way since they sometimes fool the F2 and ring up in the dime zone, but with your machine set up this way you will dig less trash, and increase your chances of finding silver coins since you will be able to cover more area in less time.

How To Find Gold With The Fisher F2

Even though it is a lower frequency machine, the F2 can find gold rings and jewelry. Small gold necklaces and bracelets are difficult for just about every metal detector to find, but the F2 is capable of finding gold necklaces if there is a pendant or charm attached or if the necklace has a larger clasp.

To set up your F2 to find gold items, you can discriminate iron from the left side of the target notches and dig the lower scale signals that ring up between foil up into the high zinc range.  You will be detecting Foil, Nickel, Tab and Zinc signals when searching for gold. Rarely will gold be detected above the Zinc notch on the F2.

Do not skip those foil and zinc signals thinking that they are just junk. Many gold items will sound off in this target range.  See the below image to get a visual idea of where gold and silver can be found on the F2’s target ID scale.


How To Find Coins with The Fisher F2

Coin shooting is when you only want to find coins with your detector. Most parks and playgrounds are littered with coins and the F2 is a coin magnet! To set up the coin mode on the F2 metal detector is really easy.

First, Press the Discrimination button up Four times.  This will eliminate or discriminate the Iron, Foil, Nickel, and Tab notches on the display.

Second, Press the Notch button and then Press the Discrimination button up Three times to notch the Nickel range back in.

Then, press the Notch button one more time to lock in and set the program.  Now you will only be searching for Nickels, Pennies, Dimes, and Quarters.  The coin mode is useful for when you are in an area littered with pop tabs. Using the coin mode will eliminate tabs and allow you to dig more targets and less trash.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, five tips for the F2!

If you are in the market for a great entry level metal detector to get you started in the hobby of metal detecting, be sure to consider the F2.

The machine is very light-weight at just over 2 pounds which allows you to swing it for long periods of time without fatiguing your arms. As stated in this article, the F2 is a very capable machine that can find anything those more expensive machines can find!

Want to learn more about the F2? Visit the product page here.