An Interview with Tesoro On the NEW Outlaw Metal Detector!

Tesoro Outlaw LogoYesterday I sat down with Robert Martensen of Tesoro Electronics to talk about the new Tesoro Outlaw. Robert is the Director of Marketing at Tesoro and was kind enough to lend us some time to conduct an interview.

So without further ado…

How long has it been since Tesoro released a new metal detector model?

The last detector we brought to the market was in late 2004 so it’s been about 8 years.

What type of metal detectorist will the Outlaw be ideal for?

Because of the kilohertz, it’s mostly going to be a coin and jewelry machine, but since you’re able to ground balance the machine in both discrimination mode and All Metal, you can also use it for relic hunting – and even prospecting if you had to (although it’s not ideal for prospecting because of the low khz).

What kHz will the Outlaw be operating at and can you use current Tesoro accessory coils?

10.6 kHz and you can use any 5-pin connector coil on the Outlaw – so the same coils as used on the Cortes, Deleon, Silver uMax, and Golden uMax.

Tesoro Outlaw Metal DetectorWhere do you see the Outlaw falling in the current Tesoro lineup? It looks very similar to the Vaquero and even similar to the Golden uMax.

It’s definitely not a Golden uMax – it’s a much deeper machine than the Golden uMax. For the Vaquero, because of its super tuned feature, it’s going to be a deeper machine than the new Outlaw – however out of all the 5-pin machines that we have, it’s my opinion that the Outlaw will be the deepest machine.

The Outlaw has a retune all-metal mode (instantly retunes your threshold and helps out tremendously with pinpointing) which the Vaquero does not have, and it has a multi-function push button that when you push half way in puts you in a no-motion all-metal mode for you to pinpoint.

After you get it pinpointed, you hold the coil where it’s pinpointed exactly and you push the button all the way down which puts you into a retune all-metal mode and it’s basically knocking all other metals out so you can pinpoint with dead accuracy.

So the Vaquero has the all-metal mode, threshold control, sensitivity control, discrimination, ground balance and a pinpoint button – which basically puts you into all-metal mode. The Outlaw has all of those same features plus it has a switch that toggles retune all-metal mode, normal all-metal, or discrimination mode.

With some similarities to other detectors, are you removing anything from the current lineup?

No. It’s not replacing anything.

There’s a lot of talk on the forums of people comparing the Outlaw to the old Bandido II. How do these compare?

It’s actually better than the Bandido II uMax – much more power and extra features.

How many tones will the Outlaw have?

One – it’s a single-toned machine.

Just to confirm, the ground balancing feature can be used in both all-metal and discrimination modes, right?

Yes, both modes. So in a sense it would then kind of be in the Vaquero, Tejon family but those are going to be deeper machines and meant more for relic hunting.

What comes stock with the Outlaw?

We’re launching a 3 coil package which will come with a 5.75” kHz concentric coil, 8” round concentric coil, and a 12×10” widescan coil which is new to the 5-pin coil family. All 3 coils come with a scuff cover and a lower ABS pole to make it easier for when you want to switch out coils.

Tesoro Outlaw 3 Coil Kit

What will the price be on the Outlaw?

MSRP will be $649.

Is there an option for people to purchase just the Outlaw at a lower price if they already have or don’t want the accessory coils, poles, and scuffs?

No, it’s going to be the 1 price for the whole package.

A lot of folks online in the forums are chastising Tesoro for the “rushed announcement” of the Outlaw and complaining that the launch was done so poorly. What happened there?

There was an unfortunate information leak which caused our official rollout to be botched by a week. We wanted to make the announcement this weekend at the Gold & Treasure show in Reno which would coincide with a new website launch and print catalog.  It should be listed on the website sometime next week.

When can people start to buy the Outlaw?

Next week.

What do you say to those people giving you gripe for the field test you posted on

Well I was bashed pretty bad for that post but the only reason I posted that was because I wanted people to get a better feel of what the machine was, the specs, and how the machine performed. It wasn’t meant to be biased – I did it because I wanted everyone to have a better feel since the release was botched big time. I didn’t want people knowing Tesoro had a new machine coming out but have zero information out there. It was meant to be purely informational – we had to put something out there.

Are you having any 3rd parties field test the outlaw and report on their findings?

Yes we have a 3rd party field testing the Outlaw right now and are currently working to get other expert 3rd parties in the industry to field test as well.

What are some common misconceptions you’ve been seeing this past week since news of the Outlaw was leaked?

I can’t emphasize enough that the Outlaw is not a Vaquero. If you want to put it in a class, it would compare to the old Bandido II uMax but it’s going to be a deeper machine than the Bandido.


Thanks again to Robert at Tesoro for taking the time to talk with me. Hollands Brook is proud to be offering the new Tesoro Outlaw – we’re now accepting preorders so reserve yours today!