marc-beach-hunting-minelab-ctx-3030Founded in 2010, Hollands Brook is a division of East Coast Sport Sales LLC offering a wide selection of metal detectors, accessories and recovery tools as an authorized dealer of Minelab, Garrett, Fisher, and XP.

Our name derives from my childhood adventures in Readington New Jersey, a township settled in 1730 as Readington Village. Like most villages, it was settled near a water source, the Holland Brook. The Holland Brook was the underpinning in which the village was built on providing power to operate the mills and supplied water to the people, their crops and animals. Naturally I spent most days fishing, hiking, exploring and metal detecting as a boy near the Brook and it’s surrounding wooded areas. The Holland Brook shaped my childhood adventures and ignited my passion for metal detecting.

Today we operate in a town called Scotch Plains located about 45 minutes East of Readington in central New Jersey. Our blog, Twitter and Facebook page provide learning materials, how to’s, product information and of course newsworthy metal detecting finds from all over the world. Are you interested in sharing your story about your finds? Write to us anytime and we will publish your story on our site.

Happy hunting!

Marc McDermott